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Blog non functional requirements as user stories

blog non functional requirements as user stories

Note that the absence of a suitable User Story implies technical debt (including "Handling Non Functional Requirements in User Stories " non - functional requirements.
segue- blog -characteristics-good- agile -criteria Non - functional Criteria: Identify specific non-functional conditions the implementation must.
Here are my notes from the London Scrum User Group this week. LSUG meetings are run as a mini-openspace and so several topics were.
I would that suggest that would then no longer be an iterative process. According to my feeling, these non-functional requirements fits into Acceptance tests rather than user stories itself. You are unlikely to ever have a product backlog in which every item is independent. We realized the value of this approach on my last project. I am not sure this approach adds value. A defect can be converted into a user story based upon the team's grooming. Improving Non Functional Requirements for Agile IT Projects - Whiteboard

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I've browsed around on the web a little and haven't found the best solution for us yet. Acceptance Criteria must be expressed clearly, in simple language the customer would use, just like the User Story, without ambiguity as to what the expected outcome is: what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. A regular user story has very little ongoing cost unless we break it! Whether the sum of changes in value resulting by this task is positive or not.. They add certainty to what the team is building. That's a great question and I do have a good answer for it. Hi Roger, Thanks a lot for your comment.