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Book review Sheila Hetis How should a person be

Book review Sheila Hetis How should a person be

A book review of Sheila Heti's How Should a Person Be, by John Barrios, for Nailed Magazine.
There are two ways of writing a diary. In the first, you note where you went and with whom. You detail people's conversation, clothes and jokes. Mangler: hetis.
First impressions I was so crazy about this book after reading the first seven pages that I posed a question on my Facebook page: "Is is possible. March Book Haul All Margaux asks is that Sheila finish the play as a compensation for both of their sufferings. They throw parties with wine and cheese, and they have brunch. He has been part of the band Curious Hands for eight years. Of course we all know that the more inward-looking we are, the duller we become, especially as most of us have similar anxieties, hopes and dreams. In this book, she channels all of her gifts — as a playwright, philosopher, a Jewish stand-up comedian, a writer of precise lyrical prose, and a great blow-job artist — towards her efforts to answer the titular question, which, in the spirit of that same dialectic, is at once coy and profoundly .