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En parents teen pregnancy.

en parents teen pregnancy.

Parents should be the main sex educators of their children. can happen if they have sex including teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs);.
Having a pregnant teen can feel devastating. Remember that coping is a skill needed by both parents and teens. You may need some time to process this new.
Parent -child communication about sex can help young people to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to protect themselves when they do become sexually.

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Teen Pregnancy Learning Center We've got all the tools you need to help educate teens to make smarter decisions about reproductive health. You may need some time to process this new reality in your family, but don't forget that your teen still needs you to be a support as she reconciles her choices with the consequences in her life. The power differences created by these age disparities can lead to risky situations. Support en parents teen pregnancy. daughter during an abortion. Study Links Sexual Content on TV to Teen Pregnancy.

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Many emotions flood through your body when you find out your teenage child is expecting a baby. Singh S, Darroch JE. Explore adoption with your daughter. Here are some resources—specifically for parents—where you can find information and tips to help you talk with your teen about sex, birth control, relationships, pregnancy, and other related topics. Ask your doctor for information about adoption agencies who can walk you through the process. Supervise and monitor your children. Try setting a limit of a no more than two or three year age difference.

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