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For the love of doge please do not get a shiba inu

for the love of doge please do not get a shiba inu

They are independent dogs and not especially eager to please their masters. Visit local meetups or other Shiba Inu groups to get to know the breed firsthand. This is not to imply that the Shiba Inu does not love its master, but rather to say.
That is so true! My best friend got a shiba. She and her boyfriend decided to get the shibe pup over 2 years ago, they went on another year to. love -of- doge - please - do - not - get -a- shiba - inu -.

For the love of doge please do not get a shiba inu - inndeles

For my in-training dog, I put a flat collar and light leash on her only under supervision and absolutely no aversive collars. ~~[ Aristotle ] A Shiba Inu may be small in body, but he has a ginormous personality. I am glad they're advising people against getting shibas just because they're insanely cute, but I wish it had been a little clearer and not as weird sounding. However, they are aloof like cats, and do not need or want human affection, much of the time. I do agree with Artic and Lindsayt I've seen a lot of bad owners of every breed and it does put damper on my spirits at times, but still If someone asked me what is bad about the shiba breed I'd tell them exactly what. All About the Shiba Inu I get that people are always going to be pro-adoption and I think that's wonderful, but not at the detriment of purebred dogs. This means, that there will be massive amounts of fur to contend. He has this one move, where he puts his head down on the ground, with his butt sticking up in the air — it is just too precious. I've had one Shiba from a good breeder who is pretty typical of the breeder if sharper than averageand one nightmare Shiba. Exactly… My mom plays with her dog, but I can see that he should ideally be getting more exercise than he does. Reply Actually, my parents raised two shibas from puppies and they made excellent companions for kids. Sephy can quickly solve complex interactive dog toys and puzzles.