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Forum topic best anal experience

forum topic best anal experience

I know that men have the prostate gland that gets stimulated by anal, but my anal As a man who has never had any type of ' anal experience ' other then an .. I think it's really best done with a condom, but since it was us, we didn't use one. Anal Fecal Odor - others at Body.
I know there's a size limit for posts for good reason, but I hope you all and the board will indulge me cheating that a little to bring this to you. I spent alot of time on.
Just wondering your opinion and experiences on anal sex! Wondering if None of my close friends have any good experiences with it. Thanks. But compared to the devices I've used in the past, I feel much more naked and transparent this way, which is exhilarating. Â We've done it. Tell us about your doctor. Self-Inquiry Jnana - Advaita. You may have been a little judgmental as you say Christine. TERMS OF USE NEW PRIVACY POLICY.