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Forums sex and drugs.

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forums sex and drugs.

whats the best drug (ex. meth, cocaine, ecstasy etc) or drugs (ex. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. . i've heard which they also call the sex drug is the best.
And although drug treatment professionals frequent this forum the advise you receive Sex is for advice about Love, Sex and Relationships.
Thread by: quickslant, Jul 7, 2 replies, in forum: Sex and Drugs MDMA seems like a sweeet sex drug, but it has one downside as I understand it: It's.

Forums sex and drugs. - the

Do you already have an account? You must log in or sign up to reply here. It does increase your estrogen levels though, but not enough to worry about. My girlfriend gets insanely turned on from E if it's got speed in it, and only a little less so if it's pure. How Sex on MDMA Stacks Up Against Weed and Alcohol. BB code is On. forums sex and drugs. Awesome acid trips, coming down from rolls with nitrous, or meth. Like, yes, it feels incredible when you give me head, but nothings going to happen. Or just simply alcohol. Drugs in the Media. Your help is most welcome. Thread: Anyone recommend any good sex drugs? [IMG] code is On.

:22: Forums sex and drugs.

Forums sex and drugs. 433
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Forums sex and drugs. - Independent community of rideshare drivers. Drug info - Do the sexual benefits of meth stay if you start doing it regularly? I on the other hand, have no desire to "go back". Drugs are bad, mmmkay. Or you can try weed.
Forums sex and drugs. When you find this drug, you need to let eeeeeevery body know, because it would have the equivalence of the cure for cancer. Thread by: Antinode. You may not post attachments. Donations are currently not sufficient to pay our bills and keep the site up. Did you forget your password? Best drug for wild, animalistic, uninhibited sex?