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History vietnam gi resistance

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history vietnam gi resistance

During the Vietnam War, the military ranks carried out mass resistance on This history is well documented in Soldiers in Revolt by David Cortright and the.
A History Of GI Resistance And we should popularize examples from the Vietnam War and similar situations where that has been done.
The suppressed history of the last big U.S. war prior to 'Operation Desert Storm' shows that the Commander-in-Chief had good reason to fear.

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History vietnam gi resistance Soldiers refused to go out on patrols and considerable resources had to be re-channeled to deal with skyrocketing desertion rates and discipline problems. Home     Brief History     Oral Histories     World War I. Piety History vietnam gi resistance Do You Solve a Problem Like Charles Murray? Strategic campaign-based organizing to build a GI movement is just now beginning to develop. General Smedley Butler addresses troops with rousing speech of support. Some GIs sent out on patrol in Vietnam, for example, would simply have a little party, and later return to base with lurid accounts of encounters with the rebels. Protest and Survive: Underground GI Newspapers during the Vietnam War.
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Working class blacks and Latinos served in combat units out of all proportion to their numbers in American society, and major urban riots in Watts, Detroit and Newark had an explosive effect on the consciousness of these men. But as previous waves of global unrest have shown, the forces that give rise to mass rebellion in one area of the globe will simultaneously give rise to rebellion in other parts of the world. The House Armed Services Committee summed up the crisis of rebellion in the Navy:. We look to this history vietnam gi resistance for strategy and inspiration, and are lucky to have many active veteran organizers in the peace movement who were part of the resistance to the Vietnam War. Cost of War at Home. Home     Brief History     Oral Histories     World War I. Student Activism Photos and Documents. US Army Massacred by Viet Cong

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It has been used succesfully by the military community to dialogue about the war and conditions outside official channels since military culture intimidates most internal critics into silence. Special thanks to Fred Lonidier for donating images and documents from his private collection. A civilian anti-war movement in the U. Exclusive footage from documentary coverage of the movement includes F. The African American Experience in Vietnam: Brothers in Arms.

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Known as the Christmas Truce, soldiers played sports, drank and fraternized with each other for a few days until officers forced them to continue fighting, though some officers joined in. Weekly wrote: "David Zeiger's superb documentary about the Vietnam War era's GI protest movement is jammed with incident and anecdote and moves with nearly as much breathless momentum as the movement itself. Help About Wikipedia Community portal Recent changes Contact page. Several did a year or more at Leavenworth prison. Get a copy of this issue of the newspaper to see the powerful images in this article. history vietnam gi resistance