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Life health doctors nurses strange patients askreddit

life health doctors nurses strange patients askreddit

Askreddit is not your soapbox, personal army, or advertising platform. more >> Waiters of Reddit, what is the strangest thing someone has ordered? Doctors / nurses, what are some things you DO judge patients for? though I've had Type 1 diabetes all my life and ah fuck I'm in coma someone save me.
Found on AskReddit. Surgery saved her life but the frontal lobe was scarred and the eye was blinded and always pointed down and at It took a team of nurses, the husband, and the mother of the patient to calm her down.
We give these doctors major props for not laughing at the patients who came 9 of the Most Ridiculous Self-Diagnoses Doctors Have Ever Heard Sometimes, though, those ridiculous health concerns make it all the way to the doctor's office. In a recent AskReddit thread that posed the question " Doctors of.

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Once heard the story of a woman who came in ask the pharmacist what she should ask the doctor to prescribe for a different kind of birth control as she was having a hard time swallowing the one that she was on. The guy saw a bald man at McDonald's and he knew people with cancer sometimes are bald from treatment, so he though McDonald's would give him cancer. Wrapped t-shirts around the leg, and when the outer layer was soaked with pus they threw another one on top. Can they have it free again today? Means the pt likely has a history of coming in with a pain complaint, getting drugs, and then never following up. But see here's the thing, if blood pressure gets high enough, people will have seizures. Especially with the probable education debt burden that doctor is carrying and has to pay. She kept trying to convince me to come back after my next period, that I was going to fuck up this baby, wouldn't give me the consent form to sign because she was convinced I was making a huge mistake, until finally I said "look, on the very VERY off chance I am pregnant, I wouldn't plan on continuing to be pregnant. Lyrics g george gershwin summertime. don't mean mentally ill. Thankfully she is no longer with her mom. TLDR: People are fucking idiots.

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This Is Why The Strongest Girls Feel Insecure All The Time By Holly Riordan By Chrissy Stockton By Kris Miller By Becca Martin By Holly Riordan. He said that he'd just sneak out of the ICU and that nobody would notice.. Pepper, and there were no more Little Debbie cakes to be found anywhere. That's good and all, but did you take him to the doctor or anything? She did eventually get one out bit this was after a few attempts. A few months later his wife called and told the research nurse that she had found all his pill bottles for the last few months in the car ordosimeoni.org I don't know what ultimately happened with him after the research nurse got done ripping him a new one as I changed jobs. I don't think there's anything wrong with refusing a vaccine for a case like that brand new to the market and optional , especially if you're simply waiting on long term results. life health doctors nurses strange patients askreddit