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New to Drupal 8 in the sites / default folder, is a file named default Just like default, default has to be.
7. I just need to know if these permission are corrects: site --> 775 site / default --> 775 site / default / files --> 775 site / default / --> 555.
For the " files " directory in the sites / default directory and any other site directories in a multi- site installation, the permissions are slightly different. I Drunkenly Paid For 17 Federal Programs From Drupal's official handbook :. CentOs doesn't have www-data and I am using root as my user while testing. On my site www-data has no premissions and the site works. Alternatively, you could enter an ALIAS for a user list. Every server, especially shared hosting can be different, so if some set sites default files wsmaksporsjonernomedutfallfortryck . permissions work on one hosting, it might not work on. Permissions for files and directories on a Linux system are adjusted using the chmod command. If you allow your site to modify the files which form the code running your site, you make it much easier for someone to take over your server.