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Slang redneck slang words.

slang redneck slang words.

If you are not a redneck but have tried your best to adapt to the redneck vocabulary, there is no doubt that you may have had a tough time adjusting to the lingo.
Although rednecks and Southerners are not necessarily the same, redneck slang words are often considered Southern slang words. We'll look at the difference.
The term for Aussie slang and pronunciation is strine, and it is often characterized by making words Bogan: redneck, an uncultured person. Redneck Slang Terms

Slang redneck slang words. - denne

As you can see there seems to be a redneck word for just about anything. Translating Southern Sayings As a transplanted Yankee living in the South, I am often surprised and amazed by the colorful Southern things I hear. And I dig chicks with southern accents too! We kin see clear to the promised land! He's only got one oar in the water. slang redneck slang words.