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Wiki Forum:Possibly the best synchro deck ever made

wiki Forum:Possibly the best synchro deck ever made

Bold text My deck focuses around lvl 3 tuners, while i have lvl syncro Start a Wiki This forum thread has been unedited for 1959 days and is considered archived . hands on some more "junk" archtype monsters and possibly Turbo Warrior, In my personal opinion, for a synchro deck, this is one of the best hope i.
Current size: bytes (0). on this wiki. Add New Page · Edit Main Cards (Synchron). Monsters. Bri Synchron: "Bri Synchron " is a Level 4 Tuner The best Synchro Monsters to Summon with "Junk Synchron " are "Ally of .. of a Machine-Type monster with 500 or less ATK as possible from your Deck.
I'm just looking for a variety of generic synchro monsters, with as diverse of levels as. Start a Wiki . a lot are really good): Stardust Dragon - This card probably single-handedly Level 9: Mist Wurm - Bounce three cards your opponent controls. C104 because it's a built in Mystical Space Typhoon combined with a very. GX Chapter Card Gallery. Spanish Set Card Gallery. It seems a bit pointless, and I think that we should be allowed to use any cards that we want and as many as we want. ARC-V Episode Card Gallery. Skip to Site Navigation. Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. It is used in a range of Alchemy recipes, mostly providing buffs to stats, with an emphasis on health, armor and restorative effects. wiki Forum:Possibly the best synchro deck ever made