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Wiki Fritz the Cat (film)

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wiki Fritz the Cat (film)

Fritz the Cat is a 1972 American adult animated comedy film written and directed by Ralph Bakshi. It was Bakshi's feature film debut and is loosely based on the  ‎ The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat · ‎ Robert Crumb · ‎ Skip Hinnant.
Fritz the Cat is a comic strip created by Robert Crumb. Set in a "supercity" of anthropomorphic ex-girlfriend. A second animated film, The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat, was produced in 1974 without the involvement of either Bakshi or Crumb.
the so-called experts at Wikipedia think they have an article about Fritz the Cat. Fritz's first feature film, Fritz the Cat, was directed by Cthulhu, and His second feature film, The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat was an even. It was more overt in its political and social commentary than the comics, which were largely light entertainment. The film had a troubled production history and controversial release. Karakterer vokser, slik at jeg ønsker å ha muligheten til endre ting, og styrke mine figurer. The Filming of Fritz the Cat : Feedback from R. When Vita finished his painting, Turek's original drawing, on the cel, would be placed over the watercolor, obscuring the photocopy lines on the painting.